All roads lead home is the movie based on a young girl who is struggling with the death of her mother and then she finds love with a puppy named Atticus. This movie was produced by Dennis Fallon and here you will find the most popular music named same as the name of movie that is all roads lead home, this song is known as the note for home, most of the listener is not aware of home note they only listen the melody of the song, the ending of the song is really very pleasing because you will feel the feeling of the singer.

The plot of the movie

It is the story of 12 year girl that loses her mother in a car accident then she went to her grandfather’s home to release all the dogs but when she finds that all animals are getting sick and about to die then they start to find out the reason of their sickness but a dog attacks her grandfather because she was ruining the farm then she decided to kill that dog but later she got to know that it was her mistake. The song of this movie is very interesting you can search it on net all roads lead home mp3 download and enjoy the melody.

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